Thursday, September 27, 2012

Declan James Cullinan

Declan is here!!!  He was born on Sunday night, September 23, 2012 at 7:58 pm.  He weighed 8lbs 8oz and was 21 inches long.  He was a full POUND heavier than any of the other kids and he actually looks chubby on the scale!  The labor wasn't great but it was so worth it!  Declan is super sweet, cuddly and just a quiet, fantastic baby!!  He looks EXACTLY like Aidan looked as a newborn and Aidan thinks that is great!  He even has the bright blue eyes that Aidan had!  
Declan and I came home from the hospital on Tuesday evening to a wonderful reception and beautiful welcome home sign!!  It is great to be home!!  All of the kids are so excited and love having Declan around!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lunch at School

 Today Aoife and I walked down to the elementary school to have lunch with Emmy.  Aoife was so excited to eat her lunch out of her lunchbox and Emmy was super happy to have us there and to eat on the stage in the lunch room.  It's so nice that we can do fun stuff like this!!!


 The girls are getting along so well these days!  They spend pretty much every minute that Emmy isn't at school playing.  They make the biggest mess you can imagine but it's so worth it.  They LOVE playing together and I love that they love each other so much!

More Soccer!

It's finally getting a little cooler and soccer is feeling much more like a Fall sport!  Aidan's team has won both of their games - another one this weekend!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Tree Houses at Cheekwood

 Yesterday we started off our long weekend by visiting Cheekwood in Nashville to see the Tree House exhibit.  It's been up all summer but it's just been too hot to go.  This is the last weekend that they will be up so we had to go if we didn't want to miss them.  The temperature wasn't that bad - in the 80's but the humidity had to be close to 100% and we were all just dripping the entire time.  We still had a great time and the tree houses were really cool.  We went with our friends Ashley and Ian and their kids.  It's nice to have another family to do stuff with!!

The Pirate Tree House:
 The Hobbit Tree House
 Brendan and Aoife walking around the pond
 The fish tree house

Aoife in the fish eye

 The Ball of Yarn Tree House
 Emmy cooling off in the breeze
 Aoife is the King of the Mountain
 Aoife, Emmy and Kate in the Walden Tree House
 Sweaty kids
 the Conch Tree house

 All the kids

 Steering the Ship