Thursday, September 10, 2009

Emmy Update

Emmy tried school again today - success!! She went for an hour and a half and did cry at the beginning but the teacher said she only cried for a minute after I left and didn't cry the rest of the morning - until I showed up, of course!! She played outside, ate her snack and was generally happy. Thank goodness! What a weight off of my shoulders - now she can go for the full 3 hours Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Not that I want to be away from her - but I think she will improve in her speech and socialization. Aidan made dramatic improvements in just about every area when he started school and he was much happier in general. Being challenged is so good for them! I'm so proud of Emmy for overcoming her first big hurdle - there will be many many more to come and I feel good that she is beginning to develop confidence in herself and her ability to cope with new situations and challenges. Yeah!!


Matthew, Eve, Noah, and Noelle Middleton said...

yay Emmy!! I have been thinking about her and you too and so glad to hear that it's going so much better! She's a good girl :)

Rains Family said...

I just got finished posting my blog about Addy's first day and then I read about Emmy's. So glad she is doing better! The teachers told us multiple times that for 2 year olds so many of them have an adjustment period. I'm glad you can see her progress already!!