Sunday, May 25, 2014

Visiting the Farm

 We did the drive from Ft. Campbell to DC in two days and stayed the night in Bristol.  We stopped to see my grandmother at her farm in Southern VA.  My cousin and her husband and kids live there too so it was nice to get to see them as well.  The kids loved the farm - the animals, swings, bridge - it was all fantastic! 


 Well, the time is here!  Pcsing is always a huge mix of emotions.  We have been at Fort Campbell for nearly four years.  Aoife was just a toddler when we got here and now she'll be starting Kindergarten.  We arrived with three kids and we'll leave with four.  We knew no one when we got here and now we're leaving behind lots and lots of good friends.  I know that it will be the same in Virginia but for now it seems a bit overwhelming to start all over.

I didn't take too many pictures of the moving process - guess I was too busy - but here are a few!

Aoife's last day!
The moving truck
Our last dinner at The Black Horse in Clarksville
 Declan and Aoife sleeping in the car
Stopping for dinner at Mellow Mushroom in Bristol, VA
Dinner in Virginia!  We made it!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Aoife's Transportation Parade

 On Aoife's last day of school, her class had their transportation parade.  Since the PreK doesn't do a "graduation", they do this instead - to kind of mark the end of school and encourage parents to come in and see the class!  Aoife was a helicopter - Brendan made it from a tiny laundry basket and duct tape while we were right in the  middle of our move.  He's the best dad!! 

Here's Declan waiting for the parade to start - making some calls!

 The PreK singing some songs!

Aoife and her teachers!

Aidan's Fun Day!

 Aidan had his fun day at school the day after the girls had theirs.  It was a warmer day so they had outdoor waterslides!!  So much fun!  It was also Aidan's last day and since he was going to miss the last week of school and the awards ceremony, Mrs. Bowers gave him his reading counts award.  After lunch we headed out to DC!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

End of School Fun!

 The end of school means a LOT of fun stuff!!  Aidan had his end of year baseball party and Aoife and Emmy had their fun day at school!  Snowcones and bouncy castles!!!
 Aoife's Class with snowcones at fun day!
 Jacob, Bonnie and Aoife
 Aoife and Ms. Danielle
 Aoife and Declan

 Aoife and Cortlynn:
 Aoife and Emmy!!
 Emmy and Mrs. Lewis:
 Saydie, Emmy, Kylie, Jazzy and Amy:

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

School's Almost Finished!

 Since we are going to be in a hotel for the kids' last day of school, I took a picture a little early!  Here it is - along with the first day of school picture from this year!  They are so big!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Aidan's Last Baseball Game

 Go Razorbacks!
 Billy, Wills, Lance and Aidan