Sunday, May 22, 2011

Potty Training Aoife - day 1

The dreaded Potty Training started today. The end result is really worth it but as I'm sure you know, the process is sooooo much work for everyone involved. Today is day 1 so we started out like usual. Last night we talked about the potty and how she was going to only wear underwear today - yesterday she wore underwear over her diaper. The first part of the morning was going well. I set the timer for 20 minutes and every time it went off I put her on the potty starting from when she woke up. Remember - I said this is a lot of work! Dry underpants for an hour - through breakfast even. She had just sat on the potty and hadn't peed. Since it had been so long since she woke up, I knew it was coming. About 2 minutes after sitting on the potty she peed - all over the floor. It surprised her and she just looked down and watched the puddle around her feet get bigger and bigger. I sat her on the potty, cleaned up the floor and explained that her Dora underpants had to go in the laundry because they were wet. I got her another pair of Dora underpants - not quite as good because they weren't pink. We went outside so that when she had another accident I wouldn't have to mop again. When the timer went off we tried again - no dice. 20 more minutes and she went on the potty! Woohoo!!! I got over confident. More juice, more timer - 20 more minutes - no pee. 20 more minutes - still no pee. 2 minutes later - pee all over the ground. I put her back on the potty and nothing. 2 minutes later - in another pair of underwear - another accident. Ugh. I hate this cycle. She has an accident but doesn't empty her bladder. On the potty she is still a little upset and doesn't pee although she needs to so once she gets off the potty and relaxes then she has another accident. I just keep reminding myself that this is day 1 and she is learning. It is still very frustrating and not the best day for the neighbor to be trying to push her kids off onto you or for your husband to call from Afghanistan - sorry Bren!!!! So by lunch time we have gone though 4 pairs of wet underwear and peed in the potty twice. Not so bad really! Lunch and naptime in a diaper is a relief for everyone. This whole process is exhausting but if you give up and go back then you have to start all over - and really, who wants to do THIS day over again? This afternoon will be a little easier and tomorrow will be even better. In a few weeks she'll be doing great although it really takes a few months to be 100% confident and to not have to know where the closest potty is at ALL times!


After Aoife's nap she was like a different kid! She went for almost 4 hours in underwear and didn't have any accidents!! She was even telling me when she needed to go to the potty. Amazing!! Hopefully tomorrow she'll continue to improve!


Rains Family said...

That is impressive! I remember how horrible those days were-- and I don't know how I would do it with 2 other kids at home and no husband!! What a good girl she is. I want to say Addy didn't even pee on the potty the first day-- just ALL OVER THE FLOOR!!

Laurie said...

Hooray Aoife!! And hooray Becky!!!

kim said...

Yeah for you and Aoife! We are also trying to get Edy to use the potty and she is being stubborn.