Tuesday, July 11, 2017

LAX Camp visit

 The kids and I drove up to College Park tonight to have dinner with Emmy at camp and watch her play in an evening game.  The way Emmy's friend's mom was talking, it sounded like lots of parents go up to eat and then watch a game.  NOPE - we were totally the only ones and I kind of felt REALLY bad that we had invaded Emmy's space.  She did seem happy to see us and I know she was really tired.  We ate dinner with her in the dining hall and then drove over to the field to watch the game.  She did great and played really aggressively in goal.  She did not let up a goal in the game that we saw!  Pretty awesome!!  We get to go back up tomorrow and bring her home after her morning tournament.  I can't wait - I miss her so much!!

Walk along the C&O Canal

 This morning I forced everyone out of bed and made them march along the C&O Canal for about 20 minutes.  We really just needed to get out of the house and see something that wasn't on an iPad screen!  We saw some herons, geese, turtles, fish and lots of dragonflies.  The kids weren't impressed with the geese and the geese were NOT happy to have to move off of the path to let us pass!  It's a really nice place to walk but it was pretty hot.  Next time I think we should drive a little farther North and walk where the path is more narrow and shaded!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Maryland Lacrosse Camp

 Emmy left for sleep away camp at the University of Maryland today.  She gets to stay in a dorm, practice and play on the college fields and even eat in the dining hall!  She is going for three nights and it was so much fun seeing her settle in to the dorm. She looked like she wanted us to leave her there for good!  Unfortunately we had some tears at home tonight. Aoife is very upset that Emmy isn't here!  We even tried moving Declan down to the girls' room for their own "sleepover". He just ended up falling asleep and not making Aoife feel better at all!!
I'm sure Emmy will have a great time and we will be so happy to see her on Wednesday!!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

4th of July in Bellevue Forest

Happy 4th of July!  Finally a 4th of July that it wasn't raining!!  So much fun to hang out with the neighborhood. We spent the day relaxing and then hung out with neighborhood friends in the evening!