Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day - late as usual

I did take these pictures on St. Patrick's Day but I'm late in posting them - like always!
Emmy wore this to her St. Patrick's Day party at school on the 16th - I thought it was also pajama day - unfortunately I was wrong. Pajama day was Friday... *sigh*


kmcaffee said...

I usually forget skate night - blaaahhhh! Love the outfit - she's a doll! Are you doing well?

Becky said...

There isn't much worse than picking your kid up at school and the teacher asking, "ummm, is Emmy wearing pajamas???". That's code for "did you even bother to get her dressed this morning?"

T.M. said...

The good thing is, you can get away with that look when you are 3! :)