Thursday, March 3, 2011


Well - it's been a very busy week. Keeping a crazy schedule seems to make the time pass more quickly. I guess I'm worried about making sure we get everywhere that we're supposed to be on time and not thinking about being here without Brendan. We are missing him like crazy but, like I said, keeping very busy. Between meetings, haircuts, dentist appointments, getting new brakes on the car and making sure we keep food in the house and get to the post office to send Brendan a package - oh yeah - school and avoiding tornadoes - that's good too!

Tomorrow will be quiet because the car is getting new brakes and so we are stuck home. Still haven't learned to drive Brendan's car so Emmy's just going to have to miss preschool in the morning. It's too bad that it is going to rain again tomorrow - today was gorgeous and the kids jumped on the trampoline just about every minute that we were home and they were awake! Here are some videos of the girls jumping - they make me smile!

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