Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sleepy weekends

It's Sunday again. It's now been 6 weeks since Brendan left for Afghanistan. We are getting into a new routine and things are going pretty smoothly. I'm really proud of us. The kids are doing well considering everything. They love looking at pictures of Brendan and watching videos of him but have gotten so that they aren't sad throughout the day. Brendan calls once during the middle of the week and we try to Skype once on the weekend. Sometimes the kids want to see/talk to him and sometimes they aren't interested.

A few weeks ago Aidan told me that he wanted to talk to the guidance counselor at school because he was feeling really sad about Daddy being away. I set up a meeting for Aidan with her and since then she has created a little support group that meets weekly. Aidan likes going and he seems to be doing a lot better. They do things like coloring, bringing in their Daddy Dolls, singing songs and talking about what they like to do with Daddy.

Unfortunately, we have all come down with a bug during the past week. I thought that I was going to avoid it but instead I got nailed and have been really down for the count since about Thursday. This is not good since it has taken Aidan about 10 days to really seem better. Emmy got better more quickly but Aoife and I are still really sick. I feel so badly for poor little Aoife. She's having a tough time!

Here are the girls this morning - we stayed in jammies until about 10:30 when we got dressed so we could all go to the store to get milk.



kmcaffee said...

Ugh!! Can I bring you anything? I don't mind a bit, really! Just let me know if I can do anything....

Rains Family said...

I feel your pain Becky! I've had this terrible head cold for 6 days now-- ughhh. Can't sleep, can't taste much, just great! The only saving grace is that kids didn't catch it. Hope you're on the mend!