Saturday, March 12, 2011

Family Photos

I've been wanting to get professional family portraits taken for YEARS now but I've either been pregnant or recovering from a pregnancy for almost 7 years! We're finally at a point now where it was a good time to get them taken and since Brendan was leaving, there was a time constraint - which ended up being a good thing. I called the photographer that had taken Emmy's school portraits and it turned out that she had a few openings during the week before Brendan's departure. So the Wednesday before Brendan left, we all went over to the photographer's house where her studio is. When she said that her studio was in her walkout basement I was dubious. I envisioned something kind of thrown together but I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived. Her house was gorgeous and huge! Her walkout basement was probably bigger than the entire downstairs of our house and beautifully decorated.
I had agonized over our outfits since I got the appointment. Her recommendation of no prints and matching black, white or beige tops was definitely not what I was thinking. I wanted color and prints that coordinated but didn't look matchy. We showed up in our outfits, although I brought two or three extra options for all of us. The photographer, Daphne, seemed doubtful of my outfit choices at first but I really wanted to give it a shot. We got all set up in the studio and Aoife started to totally freak out. She wouldn't stay in the frame or smile or even look at the camera. In most of the shots I think she is lying on the ground crying. It took about an hour to get all the shots she could before Aoife really really lost it. Daphne was so wonderful with all of the kids - patient and really kind. I tried to schedule it for the morning when Aoife is usually at her best - but you never know with kids!!
We had to wait about 2 weeks before the images would be ready for viewing. My friend Steph came over and watched the kids while I went back to Daphne's house and saw the pictures. I was really nervous that she hadn't been able to get anything good. It's not like we could re-shoot! Luckily she had been able to get a lot of cute shots - more than I had expected. I am so happy with the pictures. I can't wait until I get my big framed prints for the wall. We are going to treasure them!
I've posted some of the images she took - there is also one of Brendan and me that came out great but you'll have to wait until I get the prints. I'll take a picture of it up on my wall!
If you are in the Clarksville/Nashville area and you want some gorgeous portraits call Daphne's Portrait Design. I'm sure you'll be as happy as I am!!!


adozeneggs said...

I think the photos are beautiful!!

Rains Family said...

Great pictures Becky!! Perfect outfits too :) You look stunning and I love the pictures of Brendan with the each of the kids. Just beautiful!!

kim said...

Great pictures. I have yet to do family photos because I can't decide how to do the outfits. I like that you have matching colors without everybody being all the same. Beautiful!