Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A visit from Mimi and Big Dan

Brendan's parents drove down from MA to see us this weekend. It was really nice to see them - if only for two days! Aidan and Emmy had a great time playing and Aidan has totally mastered the art of "if Mom says no - ask Grandma"! It is incredible. How can he be only 3 and be so savvy??

Murphy's Adventure

For all of you who don't know - we have 2 beagles. Sully is 6 and Murphy is 4. They both like to run away but usually don't run that far. Last night they both got out - the back gate was open somehow. Brendan was, of course, away - I was trying to get the kids ready for bed before the babysitter got here so I could go to a meeting. Sully came back - Murphy disappeared. We all piled in the car and drove around looking for him - no dice. It's like looking for a very small, very fast needle in a giant haystack. I really thought he'd come back but he didn't. We made signs and walked around our neighborhood posting them this morning. We happened to stumble upon a man whose wife was walking their dogs with a neighbor last night and they caught Murphy. Unfortunately he was already at Fairfax County Animal Shelter which is 45 minutes away. We had to drive all the way down there and pay to get him out of hock. He was pretty contrite - who knows if dogs get scared but if they do I have to imagine he probably was. All's well now - everyone's home - with new licenses!

Murph's Mug Shot:

Friday, August 22, 2008

Great Big Sea

Tonight we went to Great Big Sea's concert at Wolf Trap here in DC. They are a celtic-rock band from Newfoundland, Canada. This is the second time we have seen them - they are awesome! Aidan and Emmy LOVE the music. There were actually lots of kids - of all ages - at the concert even though it started at 7:30. Aidan danced and sang to all the songs he knew. Last time we saw them he was a little overwhelmed but this time he really enjoyed it! Emmy was a little tired since it started after she is usually in bed but she hung in there and sat in her seat or in the sling.

Our seats were great - row M - center!Here's Aidan enjoying himself!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Now I See Where She Gets It

My grandfather emailed me this picture of the two of us from 1979. I look so much like Emmy - mostly in the expression - even Aidan thought it was Emmy!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Hero

Aidan came up from the playroom - we call it his office - dressed in his firefighter's outfit - suspenders and all. He was very proud of himself and, without and hesitation, proclaimed, "I'm all fired up!". How do you react to that? I wanted to burst out laughing but instead I smiled and said something complimentary about his dressing skills. What would we do without him??

Sunday, August 17, 2008

End of the Week

What a buzy week. I swear I have never been this tired between the Olympics and all of our outings. The kids too - Aidan slept from 7 pm to 8:30 am on Friday night and Emmy slept through also! Let's not get too excited because she woke up again last night at her usual 3 am. The good news is that she only has two more teeth to go so maybe after that is all done she will sleep.
Anyway - on Wednesday Aidan, Emmy and I went to the Capitol for a little visit while Addy went to a yoga class with Amy in the city. There was a lot of security and we couldn't go up the stairs which was a big disappointment for Aidan. It was probably a good thing because it was getting hot by the time we left. We'll have to go back when it's cooler!On Thursday night Brendan's work had a night at Nationals' Park. We met Brendan there and watched the first 5 innings or so. Emmy was only happy when she got to sit on her own seat: Once Daddy and the popcorn arrived she and Aidan were both very happy!
Here is the view from our seats - way up in the clouds but at least there was lots of room for noisy kids!There was also a random guy with this owl from some wildlife outreach program. The owl was beautiful but the guy looked like he got the job from his parole officer after doing 3 to 5. I think Emmy had more teeth than he did! Aidan kept asking if the owl was real and would freak out when it blinked or ruffled it's feathers. I have to admit it was pretty cool. I've never been that close to an owl before!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More River Farm Pictures

Here are some pictures that I took of Aidan and Emmy at the River Farm on Friday. Enjoy!On the movePlaying in the little houseThis may be my favorite picture of Emmy ever:

Monday, August 11, 2008

Addy's Visit

Addy and Amy have come to visit for a few days while Amy gets certified in Baby Yoga. Addy has joined the Cullinan clan during the day and has fit in very well to the chaos surrounding her. Aidan loves having another baby in the house - proving that he is not kidding when he asks if he can have a baby brother. Emmy likes having Addy around too I think. She isn't jealous and enjoys that she is more mobile than someone in the house. Here are a few pictures of them playing in their jammies this morning.Addy LOVES Emmy's carWe went to River Farm this morning to enjoy the beautiful day and I only got one picture - mostly because I was trying to corral Emmy, keep Aidan within eyeshot and keep Addy happy with Cheerios on the picnic blanket. Addy got to sit in the front of the stroller and Emmy got to sit in Aidan's seat. Aidan wasn't too happy that he had to walk but he humored me!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Emmy's Room

I finally found letters to put Emmy's name on her wall over her crib. I've been looking online for a year now and I finally found a boutique in California that sells letters that I like. I took a bunch of pictures of her room to do a page in her baby book but I thought I'd share them with you since most of you have never seen it!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Playing Out Back

It's been pretty hot here and our pool is not super close so Brendan got the kids a little waterslide to play in. It's not the monstrosity that his parents bought but it is big enough to cool off and have lots of fun!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Emmy is Walking!!

Emmy took her first real steps on Sunday! Now she has no fear and tries to walk everywhere although she mostly ends up falling on her knees after one or two steps - but she's trying!! Maybe the tendonitis in my shoulder from carrying her will go away!
We went to the park on Sunday evening after dinner. Emmy really enjoyed being allowed to play - as long as she stayed upright and didn't eat mulch!Loving the slide:Post slide hair:Aidan rode his bike all the way to the park and back - it's a mile!