Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Busy Busy!

I am sorry that I haven't posted any pictures in a while. I have been busy getting the house packed up for our PCS to England! We have had two days of movers and have 3 more to go. As of tomorrow afternoon I will not have access to my computer. Brendan will come back on Saturday so hopefully I'll be able to post from his computer during our trip to Massachusetts before we cross the pond. But please keep checking back - especially during the first part of August and watch us as we get settled in our new home!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Check this out! Emmy now loves the baby swing - she gets in it and relaxes. Good thing she is only 23 lbs - I think there are probably babies who weigh more than she does! She wants Aidan to push her in the swing - he is more than happy to oblige...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First (half) Smile!

I don't know if anyone else can tell but me but Aoife is smiling just a little in this picture. I can't wait for little toothless grins - so adorable!

Aoife Rolled Over!!

Tonight Aoife and I were hanging out after Aidan and Emmy went to bed. I put her on her stomach to practice lifting her head. She was doing great - pushing up to her elbows. She started to lean over and then rolled over! I couldn't believe it and thought it was a fluke. I put her back on her stomach and she rolled right over again! I went to grab the camera and got a few pictures so you can see the progression. I'm going to try to get some video tomorrow with more light. For the record - she was 7 weeks old yesterday and Aidan and Emmy both rolled over around 4 months. This is nuts!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No Pictures but Great Progress!

Some of you out there might not know that we are moving to England in a few weeks so Brendan can go to school for a year. It's part of the Army exchange program. Anyway - he's away for the next two weeks so prepping for the three rounds of packing/moving falls squarely on me - 3 kids and all! The biggest thing that has to be done is that EVERYTHING in the house has to be sorted - do we want to see it in England or can we live without it for a year and put it in storage. So imagine doing this with 3 kids - one who wants to have extended conversations about everything from Star Wars to the weather where Daddy is, one who wants to be carried around (yes that's Emmy) constantly and one who needs to nurse every 2 hours or so - mind you 2 hours from the beginning of one session to the beginning of the next - not 2 hours free. But I am a rockstar - as of today I have managed to sort and purge the toy room, all the baby clothes, living room, my closet and dresser and half of my craft room. I also went to the passport office to get Aoife's passport and apply for her visa AND managed to get to the post office to send 3 boxes! There are many many bags already donated to Goodwill and many more to come - not to mention the 3 huge black trash bags full or junk sitting in the garage (if I put them in the trash can there would be no more room for trash!!). The first round of packers come Tuesday to start packing for storage - I think that I actually might have everything in order when they get here - if I keep working at this breakneck speed, that is.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Addy's Visit

Last week our friends Amy and Addy came to visit for a few days. The kids had a great time playing together - it's so nice to have more kids in the house! We went to the River Farm one day and had lots of fun running around and playing in the dirt!
Emmy at the River Farm:Addy at the River Farm:Hydrangeas - LOVE it!!Addy, Aidan and Emmy after baths!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Emmy's 2nd Birthday

Emmy turned 2 today! We had a party for her this afternoon since Brendan is going to be out of town for the next two weeks - and then we move! We got a moon bounce for the party but they delivered it around 8 am so the kids got to use it before the party too. Emmy loves farm animals so we had a farm themed party - plus I figured this would be the last year I could get away with NOT doing princesses or something else girly! A few friends and my grandparents came - just enough people to be busy but not crazy!
Here is Emmy this morning - jumping in her jammies:Sliding together:The moonbounce - it was a little bigger than we thought it was going to be!Emmy enjoying herself:Aidan snorkeling in the moon bounce - apparently I forgot to have him change his clothes before the party!Singing Happy Birthday:The cake - I ran out of time to decorate it more but it still was cute and tasted delicious!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Brendan's Award

Brendan received his MSM award on Thursday and we all went in to work. Here is Brendan with his boss - now ex-boss - MG Byrne:Thanks so much MG Byrne for everything - it has been a great year - tiring but great. We will miss you.
Here is a picture of the family - I had to wake Aoife up for the picture so she looks a little weird!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

6 Weeks

Aoife is 6 weeks old today. I weighed her at the doctor's office today - she is 11 lbs 5 oz!! Amazing! Hopefully she'll be big enough soon to sleep through the night!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Mom and Dad - thanks for coming down and helping out while Brendan was gone. You are lifesavers! We'll see you in a few weeks!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Visiting DC

Today we went into DC to visit some of the memorials. We went to the WWII Memorial which was great because it was D-Day and there were lots of veterans there. We walked down the reflecting pool and went to the Vietnam Memorial. I wish it hadn't been so crowded. It was hard to get a feel for the memorial with tons of tourists around!
Here are my parents with Aidan and Emmy at the WWII Memorial- I am wearing Aoife in the bjorn so she's not in the picture - plus she was asleep...Aidan at the WWII MemorialStars at the WWII MemorialAidan and Emmy at the Vietnam Memorial