Saturday, June 13, 2009

Emmy's 2nd Birthday

Emmy turned 2 today! We had a party for her this afternoon since Brendan is going to be out of town for the next two weeks - and then we move! We got a moon bounce for the party but they delivered it around 8 am so the kids got to use it before the party too. Emmy loves farm animals so we had a farm themed party - plus I figured this would be the last year I could get away with NOT doing princesses or something else girly! A few friends and my grandparents came - just enough people to be busy but not crazy!
Here is Emmy this morning - jumping in her jammies:Sliding together:The moonbounce - it was a little bigger than we thought it was going to be!Emmy enjoying herself:Aidan snorkeling in the moon bounce - apparently I forgot to have him change his clothes before the party!Singing Happy Birthday:The cake - I ran out of time to decorate it more but it still was cute and tasted delicious!

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