Monday, August 11, 2008

Addy's Visit

Addy and Amy have come to visit for a few days while Amy gets certified in Baby Yoga. Addy has joined the Cullinan clan during the day and has fit in very well to the chaos surrounding her. Aidan loves having another baby in the house - proving that he is not kidding when he asks if he can have a baby brother. Emmy likes having Addy around too I think. She isn't jealous and enjoys that she is more mobile than someone in the house. Here are a few pictures of them playing in their jammies this morning.Addy LOVES Emmy's carWe went to River Farm this morning to enjoy the beautiful day and I only got one picture - mostly because I was trying to corral Emmy, keep Aidan within eyeshot and keep Addy happy with Cheerios on the picnic blanket. Addy got to sit in the front of the stroller and Emmy got to sit in Aidan's seat. Aidan wasn't too happy that he had to walk but he humored me!

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