Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bunk Beds

The girls have been in their bunk beds for a while now and they really seem to love sharing a room. They play well together - when it's just the 2 of them! After baths tonight the two of them piled into Aoife's bed and were pretending to sleep - so cute! Aoife has decided that she can get out of bed and play while they are trying to go to sleep. For the past few nights I have gone in to check on them and Emmy was sleeping and Aoife was sitting on the floor next to the nightlight looking at a book. It is a good thing she is so adorable!!
Here's Emmy in her new St. Patrick's Day jammies:Aoife cuddled up with her baby:Lying in bed together:Goofing off:Curly headed little girls:Aoife and her baby who desperately needs a bath!


Laurie said...

So cute!!!

Sue said...

I can just hear the giggles :-)