Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Beach at the National Building Museum

 We finally got our act together to go visit this summer's exhibit at the National Building Museum.  Last summer they had the giant MAZE and that was cool too!  This summer, they have a "beach" filled with almost a million translucent plastic balls and it is seriously the most fun thing that I think I have ever done!  The kids had a blast and totally exhausted themselves!  It is a zero entry so it's great for everyone - little kids all the way up to big kids and adults!  The deep end is DEEP and actually hard to get out of but lying in the balls is weirdly the most relaxing thing ever.  It's like a whole bunch of perfect pressure points all over your body!!
It was good that we got there early - there was a line around the museum only about 45 minutes after it opened! 
We had such a great time - hopefully we can make it back before the exhibit ends!

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