Thursday, August 20, 2015

Great Falls National Park

 This morning we drove up to McLean to visit Great Falls National Park to meet up with some friends - unfortunately they went to the Maryland side so we didn't get to see them BUT we still had a really great time!  We have been here before with my parents but the kids were little and we didn't do any of the hiking trails.  The trails were great - there are some really easy and short trails that wind through the forest and lead to some ruins in the woods.  We saw some frogs and even came upon a family of deer!  The visitor's center was fun too and there were lots of things to see and do - it really kept the kids engaged and interested in what we were seeing and doing!  The kids are all at such a fun age right now.  We can go and do so many fun things!  I'm really happy that we've done so many interesting and different things this summer - it's been so great and I'm going to miss them all so much when school starts!


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