Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Emmy's End of Year Music Program

Emmy's school had their end of year music program today. The theme was "the beach" so they wore sunglasses and each class had a color to wear - Emmy's was yellow. They performed a few songs and were totally adorable and well behaved. Aoife came with me and was so good! I couldn't believe that she sat on her chair - with the iPad - the entire time and didn't make a fuss at all! I managed to get both photos and video so you are going to be blessed with both. Here's the video and the pictures will come later when I have a few minutes to get them off of the camera!
Emmy is in the 2nd row - just like here mama, cursed forever to be in the back row - behind her friend Charlee who is wearing a big white bow in her hair.

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Rains Family said...

TOO CUTE!! I love the sunglasses too, what a nice touch!