Sunday, May 1, 2011


Aoife got a few lovely gardening related gifts for her birthday which she LOVES! She now has her own tools AND her own watering can - of which Emmy is extremely jealous! Yesterday it was hot in the afternoon so we got out the new sprinkler from Grama and cooled off a bit. Aidan and Emmy loved the sprinkler but Aoife wasn't so sure. She watched them jump through the water for a bit and then decided she needed to get her gardening tools and putter around in the flower beds for a little while. She loosened the soil, weeded and gave the plants a drink. She's a nurturer already!Not sure about the spraying cold water:Going to get her stuff:Gardening:Emmy joining in on the fun:watering the basil in our lovely handpainted pot:Taking very good care of our vegetable garden:


Rains Family said...

Aoife is just adorable, I want to squeeze her!

Sue said...

The picture of Aiden, Emmy, and Aoife tending the vegetable garden is just wonderful! The butterfly wings on Aoife's bathingsuit are just adorable :-)