Monday, May 16, 2011

Aoife's Love Affair with Worms

Since we live on Fort Campbell and they make you jump through hoops to plant a garden I have devised a genius plan to grown tomatoes. Baby pools with holes drilled in the bottom set on wooden pallets that the Class 6 was so nice to donate. I started a compost pile in the back woods when we moved here and now I'm able to use it! I mixed the compost with garden soil that I bought. The best part of the compost pile was the 1,000,000 worms living in there. I put a bunch of them in the pools with the plants and once the kids saw them, they forgot all about planting the tomatoes and started a worm hunt. Aoife decided that she LOVES worms and was in tears when Emmy said that she wasn't being gentle enough and she was going to kill the worm. We had to tell her that the worm needed to go back to its mother for her to put it back in the pool. It reminded me so much of Aidan's lady bug trauma only this time we won't be getting a hamster!
Aoife looking for worms:Aoife - devastated after giving up her worm:

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Laurie said...

It occurs to me, "Squishy" would also be a good name for a worm! :-D