Friday, May 16, 2014

101st Airborne (Air Assault) Division Run

 On Friday morning, we got up early and got to Division Headquarters at 6:20 am to watch Brendan run in the Division Run to kick off Week of the Eagles.  It was really cold - about 45 degrees - and the movers had packed all of our warm clothes and jackets.  Emmy was lucky because her fleece got left out by mistake so she was probably the warmest of all of us!  Declan was cold in the stroller but was a trooper!  We watched the guys take off and then waited in the cold with our friends for 30 minutes until they came back around.  After the Division Staff finished, the rest of the soldiers ran by in formation.  It was quite a sight!!!  I think the kids would have enjoyed themselves more if it had been warmer but it was great to finish up our time at Fort Campbell with this awesome event!!
 Brendan in the middle - setting the GPS watch
 Off they go!

Aidan and Lance
 Aoife and Emmy with Declan
 Waiting for the runners!
 Here they come!!

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