Saturday, March 1, 2008

Skating Lessons

Aidan started skating lessons last weekend but Emmy and I didn't go until today to watch. He got through about 12 minutes of the 30 minute lesson before he wanted to stop. That's better than the 4 minutes they got through last week before he got tired. They made it through the entire lesson and Aidan is getting better quickly. He hates to fall because he can't get up by himself. We got him a cool hockey helmet because kids' bike helmets don't fit Aidan - he has a very large head - it is only 2 inches less in circumference than Brendan's!! The helmet really is necessary - I guess he took a pretty bad fall last week that would have been really bad without head protection! The best part is that Aidan's friend Will is in the class with him and all the guys go out for donuts afterwards!Here they are trying to get a feel for the ice - Will and his Dad are on the left.Here is Aidan standing by himself! He is sliding forward in this one - the teacher has the kids practice moving on the ice with their hands in different positions - even bending over to touch the ice - to get them used to shifting their centers of gravity

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