Thursday, July 24, 2008

Daddy's Away Again

Today we went to Burke Lake to have a "get out of the house" day with Aidan's friend Will and his Mom and sister. The weather was gorgeous. It was one of those perfect summer days that we really don't get too often around here. It was dry, breezy and 75 degrees. Can't get much better! We went on the carousel which Aidan calls a merry-GO-round:Emmy rode of the back of Aidan's horse and seemed to like it for a few minutes - then she wanted me to hold her so she could suck on her fingers. I think that Aidan liked it - what do you think?
There is a 1/3 scale train that runs on a 10 minute loop down by the lake and through the forest. This was also another hit although Aidan was a little worried about the lack of doors once we started moving.Emmy loved every minute of it. She likes forward motion (but not up and down) so it was perfect for her.Then we all put our picnic blankets together and laid out the spread. The kids always want to eat what the other mom has brought so Kim and I always bring extras!

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