Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Purple Ball

On Saturday night Brendan's school hosted the Purple Ball - the end of year party for all of the students and friends of the academy. It was HUGE! I've never been to an event like this. There were at least 1500 people, two flyovers, skydivers, bands, DJs, an entire carnival complete with rides, ferris wheel, snow cones, cotton candy etc, tons and tons of food, open bars and they even served breakfast starting at 2 am. It was so much fun being out late with all our friends. We had a babysitter sleep over at the house so we wouldn't have to worry about the kids at all.
The crowd outside waiting for the flyovers:
WWII Spitfire flyover
Inside the forum
Carnival rides
Our neighbors and us before the ball
Me and Brendan before the ball - purple dress for the Purple Ball


Laurie said...

i LOVE that purple dress! you look fabulous!!

The Pohl Family said...

Gorgeous dress & I'm loving blonde Becky again! You look great! The Purple Ball sounded like a great time!!