Friday, July 8, 2011

Baby Hawks

This morning there were 4 baby hawks on our front lawn! It was so weird to see 4 hawks all together and on the ground no less! I didn't want to open the door to take a picture because it would have scared them away and by the time I went to get the camera they had hopped onto the street. They were so fluffy looking and they were hopping around on the street looking around for their mother I'd guess. I didn't see them fly they just hopped around. It was really cool!


T.M. said...

That's cool! Do you know if they are red-shouldered hawks? Kind of looks like them.

Sue said...

Wonderful pictures-thanks! Based on the pictures in our Sibley's bird book, I'd say these were Broad-winged Hawks, or perhaps Cooper's Hawks. Both are common in your area. Although they may have looked abandoned, you can be sure the parents were close by. They probably kicked the babies out of the nest....time for them to learn to fly and feed themselves. Big steps for all!

Becky said...

After some consideration, I think they were Cooper's Hawks. Long striped tail feathers, yellow feet with no feathers on the legs and white feathers showing through down the back on the folded wings. They were seriously cool - and looked really confused!!