Monday, January 16, 2012

LONG Weekend

This weekend is a holiday weekend but it got turned into a 4 day because of the snow day that we had on Friday. It has seemed LONG. We were housebound on Friday and then we went to the Customs House Museum in downtown Clarksville today. We met up with my friend, Steph, and her daughter. The kids all started out having a good time but we only lasted an hour - not quite sure what went wrong but when everyone is crying at once there is only one thing to do (OK 2 things) - laugh - and then leave.
Here are a few pictures - I feel like I have been VERY bad about keeping the blog up although there really isn't much going on!!
Starting off at the museum - happy in the beginning:Aoife carrying around her "muffins" (golf balls) - this was the source of tears when other children decided they wanted some of the golf balls.Trains:Emmy at the end - watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on my phone - not asleep - just sulking.

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Rains Family said...

I feel like I've been slacking a bit on my blog too, but I do love checking your blog and seeing what you guys are up too (even when I don't always comment). I know the feeling of not posting much because you feel like not much is going on, but sometimes these are the fun posts to read about! Counting down the days for you guys, you all must be so excited to have Brendan home!