Monday, December 31, 2012


2012 was a year of wonderful and big changes!  Brendan came home from his 3rd deployment in January and we found out that we were expecting baby #4!  Aidan turned 7 in February and we had a really short winter.  In March we went to Gatlinburg for a little weekend getaway and everyone ended up with the stomach flu!  In April Aidan started baseball and Aoife turned 3.  In May school ended and we found out that we were going to have a boy!!  In June Emmy turned 5 and we drove up to Massachusetts to visit the grandparents.  In July we spent lots of time at the beach and drove back to Ft. Campbell.  In August Aidan started 2nd grade and Emmy started Kindergarten.  In September, Declan was born and we visited the treehouses at Cheekwood.  In October, we celebrated Halloween and Aidan and Emmy went on a field trip to the farm.  In November, Declan started sleeping through the night and we celebrated Thanksgiving all together.  In December, Emmy was in the school play and we were all together for Christmas!
2013 is stacking up to be another big year of adjustments and changes.  Brendan is leaving again in a few weeks for another year in Afghanistan.  The kids are all two years older than when he left last time and surprisingly, Emmy and Aoife don't even remember that he was gone before.  It is going to be a very different experience this time with four children - and one a baby!  We will make it through just fine and I know there will be lots of fun along the way!
Happy New Year!

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