Saturday, April 6, 2013

Little League Jamboree

 Aidan had his Little League Jamboree today!  It was finally a beautiful sunny day - perfect for baseball!  They started out with pictures and then each team played a 3 inning game.  Unfortunately the Giants lost BUT they did really well and Aidan got on base both times that he batted and even scored a run each time as well!  He has improved so much from last year and I am so proud of how hard he has worked since the end of last season!
Here are some pictures that I took - and yes - that kid next to Aidan is only 8!  If you want to see Aidan's 2 hits scroll all the way down.

 Aidan playing shortstop and Cale backing him up!
 Reaching 3rd:
 Woohoo!!  Scoring!
 Good game!

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