Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Nashville Zoo

 On Monday we visited the zoo again.  Last time we went the jungle gym was closed for repairs and the kangaroo exhibit wasn't open yet.  We got to do both this time and we got to feed the lorikeets.  The kangaroos were so soft and it was really neat that they just would come up to us.  The kids thought it was pretty neat!!

After the kangaroos, we went to feed the lorikeets.  It was much for successful than last time and both Emmy and Aidan very pretty psyched to let the birds walk all over them.  Aoife was NOT happy with the birds.  She was holding one of the cups of nectar and a bird flew at her hand with the intention of landing and having a snack.  Instead, Aoife screamed, threw the cup of nectar on the ground and ran behind me.  The bird landed on a nearby branch and stared at Aoife like, "What the heck???  Why did you just throw my food on the floor??"  She stayed away from the birds after that!!

After the birds, we ate an early lunch and then spent an hour or so playing on the jungle gym and in the toddler play area.  The kids had a great time and wore themselves out completely!!

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