Thursday, March 6, 2014

New Orleans - Day 1

Siobhan's Christmas present to Brendan was that she would fly down and take care of the kids for a weekend so we could get away together.  We hadn't had more than an evening out together since we went on a 3 day cruise when I was pregnant with Emmy.  We were so excited to go to New Orleans!  Brendan and I watched Top Chef - which was filmed in New Orleans this season - while he was in Afghanistan and we were really looking forward to eating lots of delicious food!!

We got some good tickets down to NOLA and we got in Thursday afternoon in time to walk around a little, get dressed and head to dinner at Dominica - one of John Besh's restaurants.  We ended up having the best meal of our entire trip - not that we didn't have lots of other fantastic food but I would definitely recommend Dominca to anyone visiting!

We stayed at the Bourbon Orleans - a small hotel at the corner of Bourbon St and Orleans in the French Quarter - it was nice, old and it had great atmosphere!  The only problem was that it was loud - like REALLY loud at night.  Not the noise you would expect though - the crowd noise was OK - it was the trash collection at night right outside our room or the contractors cutting tile at 6:30 am outside our window.  We'll chalk it up to part of the experience - but we were really tired by the time we got home!!

Blurry Bourbon St - trying to not look like a tourist
 Dinner at Dominica:

 The view from our balcony:
The hall in the hotel - a little creepy!

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