Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Visit to Gramma and Daddy Jim

 We made our nearly annual trip to Massachusetts this past week!  We drove up and spent a few days with my parents before spending a few days with Brendan's parents and then heading home.  It's tough living away from family and we love going to see them.  Unfortunately, it's our one vacation a year and we spend a LOT of it driving - up and back and between.  It's not what I would call a relaxing week but it's so worth it - lots of fun to be had and lots of memories made! 
Aoife helped Daddy Jim plant some beans that they had been growing, Declan loved playing in the car, in the yard and in the water!  We rode bikes, ate lobsters, roasted marshmallows and played in the sprinkler.  It was HOT so it was nice to get into the water a little bit!! I wish that we had more vacation time so we wouldn't be so rushed but one week is about all we can take at a time.  A day off here and there make a nice long weekend but going up to MA isn't really possible in 3 days!

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