Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day of School!!

 It's finally time for school!  It's been the LONGEST summer vacation ever. We moved at the end of May and didn't start back until September.  It's been so much fun but everyone is ready to meet new friends and have a good routine.
Aidan is in 4th grade with Mrs. Campbell.  Emmy is in 2nd grade with Mrs. Handley and Aoife is in Kindergarten with Mrs. White.  All of their teachers seem fantastic - such a relief!!
The bus was supposed to come at 8:18 this morning and we were all ready to go at about 8:00 so we walked to the bus stop.  The bus NEVER CAME!!  They totally forgot our stop - and the 30 kids that were waiting!  We ended up having to throw kids into random people's cars and drive them over to the school.  My neighbor took them and I ran home, grabbed the car and met them over at the school.  They were a few minutes late but not too bad.  Such drama on the first day!!
Brendan, Declan and I went over to Tysons.  I had an appointment to get my makeup done.  Brendan and Declan shopped and played in the soft play area and then we all had lunch before heading home for Declan's nap!
The kids arrived home on the bus in one piece - hot, sweaty and dirty but full of smiles!  We had lemon cookies and mint tea for snack and pizza for dinner.  They were all full of stories about their days and kept talking over each other.  I'm so glad they had good first days!!
 heading to the bus stop - Emmy's leading the charge!

 Waiting for me to catch up!
 At the bus stop

 50 minutes in:

 In Emmy's class:
 Aoife getting help with her locker from Mrs. Marconi.
 Getting off the bus at the end of the day!
 Lemon cookies!

 Declan with his new plasma car - not a substitute for siblings but a new car never hurt anyone!

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