Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Boston Children's Museum

 What's a vacation without a stomach virus???  After our drive up and a big day on Sunday, we decided to rest on Monday and then go into the city on tuesday to visit the Children's Museum.  On Tuesday morning around 6:30 Declan work up throwing up.  He only got sick once and seemed fine, so we went to the museum anyway.  Aidan ended up throwing up about 10 minutes after we got to the museum (in the bathroom thank goodness!!) and then sat with Mimi in the cafe for the last 45 minutes of our visit.  Emmy, Aoife and Declan had a great time but Emmy ended up getting sick the next day along with Aoife.  I ended up getting it on Thursday afternoon and then Brendan got it that night.  We had planned on leaving to go back to VA on Friday morning but we ended up leaving around noon and driving halfway and then arriving home on Saturday.  It was not the most restful vacation!

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