Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Declan's Failed Halloween

 Declan has a love-hate relationship with school.  He loves it while he's in school and he hates it when he's not in school.  When we drive by his school on non-school days, he freaks out a bit and tells me he can't go to school.  When we try to LEAVE school, all he wants to do is stay and play with his friends on the playground.  It's a bit frustrating and I'm not quite sure how to help the situation other than continuing to just go to school and deal with it!

Today was Declan's Halloween celebration at school.  Aidan, Emmy and Aoife all loved dressing up in costumes - and frankly, still do!  Declan really doesn't like it. I'm not sure what it is about dressing up that he dislikes but as you can tell from the pictures, he refused to wear his firefighter costume and only wore the hat - and was not happy about even that much.  He through an absolute fit when I tried to even put the jacket on him and when I turned around all of the other children were dressed in their costumes and seated at the table. Every single pair of eyes - kids, teacher and parents - were on Declan and me.  So he ate snack in a batman shirt and firefighter hat.  After snack, the class walked through the school in their costumes - all except Declan - who did not even care to entertain that idea and took the opportunity to get his bag and coat and run for the front door.  So we left - more like slunk out the back - avoiding the more critical stares.  Because really - what kid hates Halloween???  Yup - Declan - just goes through life not giving a flip about what anyone else thinks...

Saying grace before snack - notice the swollen eyes and delighted expression
 Making the sign of the cross - kind of
 Snack time!
The happiest expression all day and the only time he made eye contact - let's hope actual Halloween goes a little better!!

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