Tuesday, September 6, 2016

First Day of School - 2016

 WE MADE IT!!!!!  It's the first day of school - finally!  We have had such a great summer but with all of these changes on the horizon, it was hard to wait through the last few weeks of summer!
Aidan started Middle School today and had to get up very early this morning - his bus comes at 6:55 am which means he needs to walk to the bus at 6:40.  The girls really wanted to see Aidan before he left for school so they got up an hour early to see him off!  Declan even ended up waking up right as we were taking pictures - so he made it into a few!!
After a LONG morning, Emmy and Aoife got on the bus to their new school!  Declan was so excited to go to the bus stop to see them and his friend off on the bus.  After they left on the bus, we drove over and met them at the school.  It's a tradition at their new school that parents walk the kids to their classrooms on the first day.  It was a little weird but nice to see them getting settled.  Emmy already knew a few people in her class and she seemed fine.  Aoife was a little worried because she didn't know anyone - but I'm SURE she'll be right in the mix in a few days!!
Afterwards Brendan and I went to breakfast with Declan - I think he likes being an only child!!

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