Monday, October 29, 2007

Pumpkin Guts are Gross

So today after Aidan's nap - or non-nap - as I like to call those lovely days when he decides to spend the afternoon singing to himself and rolling the trundle bed out from under his mattress instead of sleeping - I thought we should carve pumpkins. I thought that Aidan would love it - digging into the pumpkin and pulling out the seeds seemed like something right up his alley! I kept asking him if he wanted to help me and he kept running away and refusing to touch the pumpkin. I thought he was just being difficult but I was wrong. I finally got him to come over and grab a spoon to scoop out some seeds. As soon as he dipped the spoon into the pumpkin he started gagging - I mean really gagging - I thought that he was going to throw up into the pumpkin. So there it is - just another reason to feel guilty. I am a terrible mother who didn't realize that pumpkin guts would gross out a 2 year old.............

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