Friday, October 19, 2007

October Photos

So it's already October - can hardly believe that we have been in DC for almost 6 months now. It certainly seems to have flown by and I can't really seem to remember much of anything!!! Here are some new pictures of the kids in October - I know, I know I'm not in any of them - but without my Dad around I'm always behind the camera! Aidan in heaven - he loves the park so much!!
A portrait of the artist at work
Getting dirty is soooo much fun!
Aidan was turning EVERYTHING into a sword and so we figured if we got a "real" sword for him then we could make rules about what the sword could hit and what would happen if it hit something off limits - like Emmy.................... Sure enough - it worked!
Love the new camera
Here she is - 4 months now and getting so big!
Look how well she can hold her head up!We went to the Maryland Renaissance Fair - Aidan had a good time - horses and knights are always fun.
Aidan climbed this wall by himself - everyone around us stopped to watch - he looked so little compared to the other kids climbing the wall!

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