Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We Finally Made it to the Monuments

Since Brendan is on a business trip and Aidan's school was canceled today, we had to get out and do something fun. As weird as it sounds, Aidan has been wanting to go to the Washington Memorial since the first day he saw it. If we didn't go soon he was going to have an aneurism! So we drove up to the Lincoln Memorial and totally lucked out on a parking spot which is so not what usually happens to me! We walked up to the Lincoln Memorial which was great and practically empty since it was overcast and sprinkled a little. Then we went to the Korean War Memorial and Aidan really wanted to go in the pond. All that water is so enticing! We walked down the reflecting pool to the WWII Memorial which is really cool and LOUD since there are so many fountains. Then we walked up to the Washington Memorial and Aidan was excited to run around and touch the marble - it was really nice that it was almost totally empty. We even got home in time for a late lunch and a good nap. :)The Lincoln Memorial The Korean War Memorial
The Korean War Memorial

Aidan at the Washington Monument
Some nice guy offered to take this picture....

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