Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Throwing Dirt and Getting Teeth

We had a rough day today. Aidan and Emmy were both up a few times last night and Brendan had to get up at 4:30 to go on a business trip this morning. Emmy cut a tooth today and everyone was tired and grumpy the entire day. I made a big mistake by trying to go two places this morning. We had to run an errand in Old Town Alexandria (and get a few pictures too): and then we went to the River Farm to see all the flowers. Aidan just wouldn't listen - he is usually really good about paying attention. I told him if he didn't stop throwing dirt we were going to leave. He looked at me like "yeah right, we just got here". So he threw dirt again and we left. He trailed behind me crying all the way to the car "I'll never ever do that again, I promise wahhhhhh". We still left. After dinner we went for a walk by the Potomac because it is just too boring between dinner and bath without Daddy. Aidan rehashed the afternoon's trauma and told me that he was "very disrespectful at the River Farm". Very cute - it's so hard being 3. A new use for the salad spinner - note to self - wash the salad spinner before next use :)

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