Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day!

We are getting our first real snow of the season today! It has been snowing since about 5:30 this morning and we have 3 inches as of 1 pm! It is supposed to get worse throughout the evening and into tomorrow!! Yeah!! The only downside of this is Aidan doesn't have school but we get to spend some time relaxing and baking together while Emmy is sleeping. We made blueberry scones!
After spending 30 minutes trying to locate all of our winter gear and get it all on we went outside into the snow. Aidan loved it and could have spent all day out there but Emmy HATED it! Right after this picture was taken she started crying and wouldn't stop until we went in. I think her hands were cold, although she refused to wear her mittens. Here is a picture taken from last January - either last year was unseasonably warm or this year has been really cold. I have lots of pictures of us outside playing at the park from January and it hasn't been warm enough this year to even think about playing outside for more than 5 minutes!

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