Monday, February 2, 2009

Emmy's Big Girl Bed

Brendan took the kids to IKEA on Saturday to get Emmy a new bed - it converts from a toddler to a twin bed. We have been wanting to get her out of the crib for two reasons: 1 - the baby will need it in May and 2 - we didn't want to transition her too close to the move in July - we wanted it to be old hat by then! So we took the plunge on Saturday. Brendan set up the new bed and he took down the crib - no going back! To our complete surprise she took right to the bed! She went right to sleep and although she woke up a little confused in the middle of the night, she went back to sleep with no problems. Since then she has been great! She even naps in it - NO problem! I was sure that 19 months was way too early - but maybe the key is to do it early before they have real opinions!

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