Sunday, April 19, 2009

Girl Time

Brendan and Aidan left for Disney World yesterday - actually today but the flight was so early that they stayed in a hotel last night. Aidan really needed some Daddy time. All the traveling and long hours that Brendan works are especially hard on Aidan so we thought this would be a great opportunity for them to spend some time together - plus Disney is giving great deals to military families so it was almost silly not to take advantage of it!
Another plus is that Emmy and I get to spend some good quality time together! We went over to Mt. Vernon this morning because the weather was cloudy and warm - perfect! We saw lots of flowers, horses, sheep and lambs, bulls, cows, chickens, roosters, and even a pig - she was in heaven! Even better than that - she told me when she needed to go to the bathroom and we had no accidents! It is so nice to not have to worry as much!

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