Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Boys are Back

Aidan and Brendan got back late last night from Disney. They had a great time and did tons at the parks. I think the highlight of the trip was "Star Tours". Aidan got chosen to go up on stage, do Jedi training and fight Darth Vader. From the pictures he seemed to take the entire thing very seriously but when he was telling me about it he said, "That Darth Vader was nice, I think. He let us jack him up." I wish I had been there but at least Brendan got tons of great pictures!!
Here's Aidan before the show - he is tired already - it's only day 2! Brendan said that he just wasn't happy - but that all was about to change!Taking the entire Jedi experience very seriously - despite the puppy face paint!Aidan is right in the middle of this picture - the one with the hood on:Being trained in the ways of the Jedi (Aidan is in the middle - hood up):Fighting Darth Vader:I believe this is afterwards - on a speeder bike:More pictures are coming - I have to wait to get the rest of them off of Brendan's camera!

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