Thursday, December 3, 2009

Faringdon Christmas Fayre

We went to the tree lighting and Christmas Fayre - yes, that's how they spell it here - over the weekend. It was a chilly evening but it was still fun. We saw Father Christmas, the kids rode on rides, we ate roasted, spiced nuts and browsed the French market.
Aidan and Emmy visit with Father Christmas - kids don't sit on Santa's lap here. Although you don't get a good picture - you also don't get screaming terrified children!
Emmy and Aidan playing with the "snow" made by a machine up in the window. It looked real!
Roasted Chestnuts - still haven't gotten to try them - but I will!!
French cheeses - mmmmmmm
If you are a real garlic lover you can save 10 pence (17 cents) by buying an entire kilogram of garlic instead of the measly 1/2 kg.