Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nativity Play

Aidan's class had their Nativity Play yesterday. No, you didn't read wrong - that is a play celebrating the birth of Jesus in a public school. There is no separation of church and state here AND the head teacher is the local vicar's wife so we get a double dose. I told one of the British moms that it was surprising for me every time something Christian comes up at school and she looked at me and said, "Oh - well I guess you can't do that because of the diversity in America." No, actually, our country's president isn't also the head of our church and religious freedom is kind of a cornerstone of America but whatever - diversity - yeah - that's it.

At any rate - the play was sooooo adorable! There were a bunch of kids dressed as stars, angels, shepherds, sheep and of course Mary, Joseph, the donkey and the three kings - Aidan was a king. I had the best seat in the house and the kids all walked right by me to get on stage.

Here's Aidan with one of the other kings - they didn't have steamers or irons in 0 AD:
Aidan, delivering his gift:
The class after the play was over - as you can see there are only a few people crying!


Sue said...

Absolutely hilarious! Thank you for putting the "merry" in our Christmas. Aidan was the BEST! Love to all, Mom

Rains Family said...

SOOOO cute!! I'm glad Aidan gets to celebrate the meaning of Christmas in school-- what a great concept!! We'll probably do private just to have that luxary :)

Matthew, Eve, Noah, and Noelle Middleton said...

aww he's adorable!!! It looks like it was a great play!