Thursday, May 20, 2010

Aoife's Newest Trick

Aoife is now pulling herself up to standing very well and very often! I thought for a while that she might never walk since she showed absolutely no interest but after spending the weekend in Cornwall with our friends and seeing Sophie, who is just a few months older than Aoife, walking around, she now seems motivated. She's tried climbing the stairs - with poor results - and has moved on to standing at any opportunity. She even let go and stood alone for a moment yesteday - before sitting down quite purposefully!
I took these pictures yesterday as she was watching the bigger kids play outside in our front lawn. I've had to improvise with the baby gate since they don't have screens or screen doors here - no bugs!!
Here she's standing and happily watching the kids play.
Starting to sit so she can crawl to me:
Plop! - notice the big grin on her face!


Laurie said...

oh boy! you're in trouble now! good thing she's adorable. i never get tired of that smile!

Rains Family said...

They are just too adorable when they're learning new tricks and trying to walk!!