Sunday, May 9, 2010

Great Coxwell Tithing Barn and More Bluebells

Happy Mother's Day everyone! We had a lovely day - I was awoken by three beautiful children and my lovely husband with breakfast in bed - which the children promptly ate while all trying to sit on me at once! They made a beautiful card. Aidan wrote Happy Mother's Day on it and drew a picture of an alien glue stick - yes, that's right...only boys *sigh*. On the inside he drew a tree and bluebells - he told me it was to remind me that I didn't take him to see the bluebells...guess where we went today?? Emmy wrote an "E", assisted, I'm assuming since it was nearly perfect! But really, what could be better? They were all so sweet and so proud of themselves and the best part is that they really did make the breakfast - the chairs in front of the toaster and stove gave it away!!
Here's the alien glue stick...may never figure that one out!
The tree on the left with leaves and bluebells of various colors:
Brendan is working hard on his thesis which is due in 2 weeks so he spent the afternoon typing. I took the kids over to the bluebells again so Aidan could see them and we went to a tithing barn (where the grain taxes were kept). It was neat and there were some pretty cool outbuildings around it - and the best part? COWS - but I didn't get any pictures of them because I was holding Aoife so she could see them - oh - and we can now add "cow" to her vocabulary - smart girl that one.
The Tithing Barn:

The best we could get - at least they are all looking at the camera:

A tiny bit better - I was terrified that Aoife was going to dive headfirst down the stairs but Aidan had a good tight hold and I don't think she even tried.
Bluebells again - it was a lot cloudier so things weren't quite as nice:
Aidan with the bluebells - his day was complete:

Happy Mother's Day!!!

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