Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Emmy's First Ballet Class

Emmy took her first ballet class this morning! I signed her up for a month of classes - once a week for 45 minutes. This month is only 3 classes because of Thanksgiving but I thought it would be a good way to see if she even liked it. Well - of course she LOVED it. Loved everything about it - the tights, shoes, leotard, pretty teacher, music and of course, the dancing. We weren't allowed into the studio but there was a tiny window that the moms took turns peering through. For the most part they all paid attention and did what the teacher said - it was so cute to watch all of the little girls follow their teacher around like a flock of baby ducks.
Emmy came bouncing out of class at the end full of energy and new and interesting information. After she had told me all about class and that they had to practice first position for homework she said, with a tinge of disappointment, "Mom, this isn't REAL ballet. It's fun but when I get bigger I want to learn REAL ballet with REAL ballet music."
I think we'll stick with this for now. There are girls in her preschool class in "real" ballet - 3 times a week! Can you imagine? These are THREE YEAR OLDS! They are babies! Let's just have a little fun, meet some new friends and get a little exercise.

Emmy before class - she would like it if there was a law saying you could ONLY wear ballet clothes all.the.time.

Lining up before class:
Listening to the teacher:

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Matthew, Eve, Noah, and Noelle Middleton said...

Yay for Ballet! Emmy is an adorable little ballerina - and how fun that she loves it!