Saturday, September 3, 2011

Anniversary Gifts

Brendan continued the tradition of getting me an anniversary present even after I asked him not to. I really am a lucky girl! These beautiful flowers showed up and them later on this bracelet from LovelinksAmerica. They are made by veterans and are a fundraiser for wounded soldiers and their families. The bracelet is made of knotted parachute cord and each knot represents a fallen hero. They are an adaptation of survival bracelets made and exchanged by soldiers in theater as they can be unraveled and the cord and be used for many purposes in an emergency - this may come in handy if I ever have to lasso my children.


Rains Family said...

Neat bracelet Becky and very thoughtful of Brendan. I'm going to check out the website! Happy Anniversary to you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I have seen those bracelets and think they are a cool idea!

Katie said...

Beautiful....and so useful! LOL