Monday, September 5, 2011


The rain from the latest tropical storm is stalled out over us right now. We haven't had rain in such a long time that it is very welcome - too late to save the crops this year but welcome none the less. The kids and I went out to buy raincoats for them this morning. Aidan's coat from last year is too small - even last year it was a little small but I was determined to get one more year out of it. Emmy's rain jacket was getting too small and was a good size for Aoife so Emmy got a new one and they all got fleeces since they were on sale. We didn't find a rain coat for Aidan so we had to order one when we got home but that doesn't help so much with the rain for the next few days.
It was pouring about an hour after we got home and Emmy wanted to go out in her new jacket and use her umbrella. It was raining so hard that you can't even see the trees above the fence!

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