Saturday, March 31, 2012

First Round of Planting

We did our first round of Spring Planting today! The kids were very excited and very "helpful"! We planted in our pots to go by the front door, lavender along the front porch and tomatoes and basil along the driveway. The peas are already coming up well and I hope we get a great harvest! I actually found some interesting varieties of tomatoes at Lowes and so we planted one plant each of Arkansas Traveler, Chocolate Cherry, Sweet Cherry and Cherokee Purple. Hopefully we'll have some delicious tomatoes in a few months!
Aoife's been waiting all winter for today!

Loving everything about this - even moving the pots around:
Emmy showing me her favorites:

Aidan just loves digging holes - actually very helpful!
The garden on March 31:
Pots on March 31:

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